TickCats | 四海之內:Chinese Football 專場
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四海之內:Chinese Football 專場



四海之內:Chinese Football 專場



演出 / Live:Chinese Football (@chinesefootballband) + Wellsaid (@wellsaidhk)

日期 / Date:April 5, 2024 (FRI)

時間 / Time:晚上7時進場 / Doors at 7PM

票價 / Price:380HKD (ADV) / 480HKD (DOOR)

場地 / Venue:MOM Livehouse(@momlivehouse)

地址 / Address:北角英皇道117-121號 七海商業中心 B39室

B39, Seven Seas Shopping Centre, 117-121 Kings Road, North Point

主辦 / Organiser:Domi Production (@domiproduction)

票務 / Ticketing:Tickcats (@tickcas)

海報 / Poster:Ding Pao-yen (@dingpaoyen)



線上 – 2月24日,12:00,透過 Tickcats 發售

Ticket Type: N/A Category:
Terms & Conditions of Event

Venue: MOM Livehouse
Address: B39, Seven Seas Shopping Centre, 117-121 Kings Road, North Point


  • 在任何情況下,持票人必需遵守活動的所有規則
  • 如有任何爭議,主辦單位將保留最終決定權利

Terms & Conditions

  • Ticket holder must follow rules and regulations that required by event organiser
  • Should there be disputes, organizer reserves the right to the final decision
Additional Information
Ticket Type

ADV HKD$380 + $15 Ticketing Fee