TickCats | The Underground – ROCK SHOW FOR ALL!
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The Underground – ROCK SHOW FOR ALL!



香港著名原創現場音樂平台The Underground,興奮地宣佈即將於2023年11月11日(星期六)舉辦盛事——Rock Show 4 All!此次活動展現了音樂作為世界語言的吸引力,跨越了音樂風格的界限。


Rock Show 4 All承諾帶來一個令人興奮的夜晚,充滿了多元音樂體驗,呈現了一系列才華洋溢的樂隊陣容。


首先,揭開序幕的是AFTER AFTER PARTY,他們一時搞笑瘋癲,一時又會令你不禁起舞。揉合香港生活中怪誕現實的他們,相信是唯一一隊樂隊能夠令聽眾聽得起勁,先為大家熱身再迎接其他樂隊的狂野搖滾。


接下來,新晉樂隊SHIVER SHADOW將搶占舞台焦點。他們獨特的嘈雜搖滾風格絕非平庸,充滿力量。


深受另類金屬迷以及The Underground 樂迷喜愛的WHAT THEY DO 會接著把氣氛炒高,讓各位沉醉於一陣又一陣的強勁節拍。




Rock Show 4 All不僅僅是一場音樂會,更是對音樂這種世界語言的慶祝。The Underground邀請來自各行各業的音樂愛好者共襄盛舉,沉浸於多樣的音樂之中,分享現場演出所帶來的純粹喜悅。




The Underground, a renowned platform for original live music in Hong Kong, is thrilled to announce its upcoming event, Rock Show For All!, set to take place on Saturday, November 11th, 2023.
This event showcases music’s universal appeal, transcending boundaries of genre.


Rock Show For All promises an electrifying night of diverse musical experiences, featuring a lineup of talented bands.


The night kicks off with AFTER AFTER PARTY, who will have you in side-splitting hysterics one moment and leaping into the mosh pit the next. Lamenting the aggravating yet hilarious realities of Hong Kong life, there’s no band quite like them to get you warmed up for a night of rocking out.


Next, up-and-coming SHIVER SHADOW are set to snag the spotlight. Their refined blend of punchy noisy rock is anything but generic.


Local alternative metallers and The Underground favourites WHAT THEY DO will connect like-minded audiences from all backgrounds through their brand of infectious alternative rock.


Finally, the evening closes loudly and proudly with KVYLE, who have released an impressive EP, toured Europe three times and whose live sets are marked by their dissonance, intensity and musicality.


Rock Show For All is more than just a concert; it’s a celebration of the universal language of music. The Underground invites music lovers from all walks of life to come together, revel in the diverse sounds, and share in the pure joy of live performance.


Tickets and more information on the bands are available here:


AFTER AFTER PARTY (indie rock)
SHIVER SHADOW (alt rock)
KVYLE (noise punk)
WHAT THEY DO (alt metal)


Saturday 11th November 2023 11月11日 (星期六)
8:30pm – 12am
Dairy Bar, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central 中環下亞厘畢道二號
Early bird tickets (limited) 早鳥優惠: HK$150
Advance tickets 預售門票: HK$180
Walk-in tickets 即場門票 : HK$250
Hotline 查詢電話 : (852) 9486 4648

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Terms & Conditions of Event

Venue: Dairy Bar, 藝穗會 Fringe Club
Address: 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central 中環下亞厘畢道二號


  • 在任何情況下,持票人必需遵守活動的所有規則
  • 如有任何爭議,主辦單位將保留最終決定權利

Terms & Conditions

  • Ticket holder must follow rules and regulations that required by event organiser
  • Should there be disputes, organizer reserves the right to the final decision
Additional Information
Ticket Type

預售門票 Advance Tickets – HK$180, 早鳥優惠 Early Bird Tickets (Limited) – HK$150