TickCats | The Underground – Girls with Guitars #11
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The Underground – Girls with Guitars #11


嚟緊六月三號,The Underground將會喺藝穗會舉行「Girls with Guitars #11」音樂派對,同大家一齊慶祝女性力量同音樂!呢個音樂派對會有四隊香港出色嘅樂隊同埋女音樂人表演。首先上台既係JOYA,佢係一位新晉創作歌手,聲線好靚同歌詞感人,一定會打動你嘅心。接住落黎係DeerMx,佢地係一隊喺香港成立嘅墨西哥樂隊,以Trip-Rock同Industrial Pop混合嘅音樂風格聞名,喺亞洲同歐洲嘅音樂節都表演過,而家仲喺美國進行首次巡演,而佢地最新EP《Fables of Humanity and Mother Nature》呢個春季即將推出。千祈唔好錯過佢地獨特嘅表演同音樂風格!第三隊樂隊係After Tales,佢地係一隊响2020年夏天機緣巧合之下走埋一齊嘅樂隊,成員包括Dan (主音同節奏吉他手)、Kit (主音吉他手)、Thomas (低音結他手)同Ken (鼓手)。佢地而家已經推出咗六首原創歌曲,而且一直喺度創作更多新歌。佢地嘅音樂主要圍繞住人生、愛情同生離死別等主題,打動人心,適合不同年齡層嘅觀眾欣賞。最後,MaryJane & The Gang會演出MaryJane自己嘅民謠音樂。佢地獨特嘅音樂風格同現場演出會令大家留下深刻嘅印象。MaryJane嘅音樂係佢自己人生經歷嘅寫照,包含咗失落同希望,每一個音符都打動人心。Girls with Guitars #11一定會係一個充滿爆炸力嘅音樂晚上,你一定唔可以錯過呢個盛事!詳情同購票可以去我哋嘅活動頁面睇睇。Girls With Guitars系列啱哂所有喜歡各種音樂類型嘅朋友,支持Girl Power更不在話下啦!我哋預計呢場表演將會好受歡迎,而Fringe Club的位置有限,所以大家記得買預售門票啦。更多資訊請留意:唔想錯過就去買左預售票先!更多資訊請留意:https://undergroundhk.com/2023/06/03/girls-with-guitars-11/Join The Underground for a celebration of girl power and music at ‘Girls with Guitars #11’Sisters are doing it for themselves at the eleventh edition of showcase of inspirational women at The Fringe Club on June 3The Underground is proud to present Girls with Guitars #11, an electrifying night of music from four exceptional Hong Kong bands, featuring talented female performers. Taking place on June 3 at the legendary  Fringe Club, this event promises to be a celebration of diverse female talent and powerful performances, all set against the vibrant backdrop of Hong Kong’s burgeoning indie music scene.Kicking off the night is JOYA, an up and coming singer-songwriter who has taken the local music scene by storm with her emotive lyrics and soulful voice. Joya’s music is raw and vulnerable, speaking to the heart and soul of every listener.Following JOYA is DeerMx, a Mexican band established in Hong Kong, known for their blend of trip-rock and industrial pop. With performances at festivals across Asia and Europe, including Clockenflap and Soundrenaline, DeerMx are set to release their latest EP, ‘Fables of Humanity and Mother Nature’ this spring, and currently on their first-ever US tour. Don’t miss the chance to catch them live and experience their unique sound!The third band to perform is After Tales, a group that came together by chance in the summer of 2020. Comprising of Dan (vocals and rhythm guitar), Kit (lead guitar), Thomas (bass) and Ken (drums), After Tales has already released six original songs and is working on more. Their music is a journey through the wonders of life, love, and loss – a testament to the human experience that resonates with audiences of all ages.Closing out the night is MaryJane & The Gang, playing MaryJane’s original folk songs. With their unique sound and engaging live performances, this band is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences. MaryJane’s music is a reflection of her life experiences, a blend of heartache and hope that comes through in every note.Mark your calendars for June 3, 2023, because Girls with Guitars #11 is set to deliver an explosive night of music that will leave you breathless. For ticketing information and further details, please visit our event page:Girls with Guitars shows are ideal events for all music lovers and especially those into live performance and supporting girl power! We’re expecting a big audience, and the Fringe Club has a limited capacity, so if you want to be a part of this exciting event now’s the right time to get your hands on advance tickets. Please see more details here:  Girls with Guitars #11Saturday 3rd June 2023 6月3日 (星期六)8:30pm – 12:00amFringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central中環下亞厘畢道二號Bands:  JOYA, DEER, AFTER TALES & MARYJANE & THE GANGEarly bird tickets (limited): HK$230Advance tickets 預售門票: HK$280Walk-in tickets 即場門票 : HK$350All tickets include one drink.  門票包括一瓶飲品Hotline 查詢電話 : (852) 9486 4648https://undergroundhk.com/2023/06/03/girls-with-guitars-11/

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Terms & Conditions of Event

Venue: 藝穗會 Fringe Club
Address: 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central


  • 在任何情況下,持票人必需遵守活動的所有規則
  • 如有任何爭議,主辦單位將保留最終決定權利

Terms & Conditions

  • Ticket holder must follow rules and regulations that required by event organiser
  • Should there be disputes, organizer reserves the right to the final decision
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預售門票 Advance Tickets – HK$280, 早鳥優惠 Early Bird Tickets – HK$230